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Zulily Credit Card login? You Came Across Perfect Site.

Login at Zulily Credit Card

While logging in to your Zulily credit card to manage your account isn’t hard, but some people might get confused about it. This is where we come into the picture. We have a series of steps to help you out. Have a look below.

  1. First, open up the login page of the Zulily Credit card supported by the Synchrony bank.
  2. You will find a login window on the left hand side. It will ask your User ID and Password. Enter the two details correctly and click on the Secure Login link.
  3. You will be able to access your account in a few seconds and will be able to manage it as per your wish.

Recover Your Account When Lost Password

If you think that it’s just you who has lost his Zulily credit card password, think again. There are many people, not just in the USA but the whole world who lose their precious passwords when they need it the most. However, fret not, you can easily recover your account on your own, without calling the customer support. Just have a look below at these steps of recovering your account when you lose your password.

  1. Open up the login page of your Zulily credit card website and you will find the login window on the left. Now assuming that you have already tried a lot of passwords, you will see a Reset Password link below the Secure Login option. Click on the link.
  2. The next page will ask you your User ID and Zip Code. Enter the details asked and click on the Continue link. 
  3. Next, you will be resetting your password. After that, you can log in to your Zulily credit card account and manage it.

What is Zulily?

Zulily is an e-commerce organization with thousands of brands in its belly such as Nine West, Pretty Simple, Neutral & Now, Carter’s, Whimsical Dresses and many more. Made for the online shoppers, it offers you a lot for women, men, kids and for your home décor. However, that’s not all folks! Zulily has more to offer and that is the Zulily credit card supported by the Synchrony Bank.

While it has a 0% annual fee, it has a 27.99% variable APR on your shopping. The features of the Zulily credit card are that it will provide you a $15 discount on your first expenditure on Zulily. Apart from that, the Zulily credit cardholders get seasonal exclusive offers which others, who don’t have the Zulily credit card, don’t. Along with that, you can use the Smart Pay feature to pay with your credit card. 

All those who love to shop at Zulily should opt for the Zulily credit card in order to make their purchasing easier.

Approval and Requirements for Zulily Credit Card

If you are thinking of getting a Zulily credit card, you must know about the requirements that you would need to apply for it and getting an approval for your application. Have a look below to find out the requirements.

You Must/should

  • be a citizen of the USA
  • 18 years old or more
  • have Social Security Number
  • have a residential or home address
  • You must have an email address
  • You must have a valid source of income

How to Apply for the Zulily Credit Card

Now that you have finally decided to apply for the Zulily Credit card, you shouldn’t waste time to apply for it. However, if you are having trouble while applying for it, we have your back. We have a series of steps to assist you in applying for the Zulily credit card. Take a look below.

  1. Open up the Zulily credit card website homepage and click on the Apply Now link that you see on the page for the credit card.
  2. On the next page you will find an application form ready for you. It will ask you your personal information, such as your first name, last name, residential address, phone number, email address, social security number, date of birth and annual net income.
  3. Once you have added all the details, click on the continue link.
  4. Fill in the forms that come up and submit your application. Now all you have to do is wait for its approval.

Registration of the Zulily Credit Card

We are sure that you must be really happy about receiving your Zulily credit card and must be dying to hit the Zulily website to go online shopping. However, before you do all that, you need to register your Zulily credit card in the Zulily credit card website. If you’re unsure about how to that as a first-timer, we’re here for you. Have a look below at the steps of registering your Zulily credit card.

  1. Open up the login homepage of the Zulily credit card. You will find the Login window on the left, but as you go below, you will find a link saying, Register. Click on that link.
  2. The next page will open up the Registering window. It will ask you your card number and Zipcode. Enter the two details and click on the continue link.
  3. Soon, you will become a registered member of the Zulily credit card website and will be able to go online shopping at Zulily.

Bill Payment of the Zulily Credit Card

There are numerous ways of paying your Zulily credit card bill. However, the easiest way of paying your Zulily credit card is by paying it online. All you have to do is log in to your account and pay the bill. It’s that easy!

The next way of paying your bill is by paying it on the phone. You can call on 855-597-4790 and talk to their representative who will give you the steps of making your Zulily credit card bill payment. 

Another way of making your Zulily credit card bill payment is by post. You can make a post to the Synchrony Bank with a cheque or a money order and mail it at the following address:

Synchrony Bank

PO Box 530993

Atlanta, GA 30353-0993

Zulily Credit Card Customer Service

When you are using a Zulily credit card, there are going to be certain times when you would require the customer support to get more information about your credit card or to report a problem, for instance, to report that your Zulily credit card has been stolen or is lost. While at sometimes you can post or mail them, at other times you would need to call them up as it would be an emergency. Keeping this in mind, we have some phone numbers and an email address for you.

General: (877) 779-5615

Technical Support: 1-844-442-7931

Customer Support: service@zulily.com


If you shop at the Zulily e-commerce website like you brush your teeth, applying for this credit will be a wise thing to do. The cardholders get exclusive offers that they can go for so you will be doing yourself a favor by getting the Zulily credit card. However, if you have seldom visited the Zulily website, it’s not a great option for you. 

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