NJMCDIRECT – Make Ticket Payment Online at www.njmcdirect.com official website

In this tutorial, you will get instructions on how to check NJMCdirect at www.njmcdirect.com to make ticket payment online for violation of traffic or parking rules.

NJMCdirect allows a user to pay the ticket charge online at www.njmcdirect.com for breaking the traffic rules. Also, know the lost parking ticket njmc and NJ tickets violations. If you are searching for www.njmcdirect.com ticket payment online then, here we are providing complete step by step instructions that can help to make payment online.

If you are not paying traffic charges then, your license will be canceled or sealed permanently. So, you must have to pay your ticket charges regularly for violation of traffic rules.




NJMCdirect is a fast, secure and convenient way to access your traffic violations ticket information online.
Please have the read following information.

  • Parking or Traffic Ticket
  • License Plate Number
  • If you choose to pay online: Visa, MasterCard or any debit card that contains the Visa or MasterCard logo may be used on NJMCdirect site. There is a convenience fee for this service.
  • Click to “Continue” to access your ticket information.
  • If you do not your ticket number then please find it on Municipal Court Case Search website.

For more information or any questions regarding ticket information then, please contact the municipal court directly.


To view or pay your ticket or time payment order, please enter the following information from your ticket.

Enter the following details to view and pay tickets.

  • Court ID
  • Ticket Prefix
  • Ticket number
  • License Plate Number

View Full ticket sample herenjmcdirect sample ticket

Check Time Payment Order Sample image

njmcdirect time payment order sample


Payments only accept on www.njmcdirect.com website during the following hours:

  • Mon to Thursday: 7:30 AM to 11:45 PM (EST)
  • Friday: 7:30 AM to 10:45 PM (EST)
  • Saturday: 7:30 AM to 03:45 PM (EST)
  • Sunday: 01:00 PM to 11:45 PM (EST)


If you have any query then, feel free to raise a complaint on their official website feedback form by following this link: https://portal.njcourts.gov/webe11/atswepr2/feedback/entry.do. You can also ask anything which realted New Jersey Traffic Information system (NJMCdirect.com).

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